Veronica Leigh was full of self-hatred she beat herself up on a daily basis this behaviour became a very deep ingrained pattern and continued for the first 36 years of her life. People pleasing and self-sabotaging were her expertise. She managed to destroy most of her relationships; created havoc in the workplace and ended up with many addictions. Her top three addictions were alcohol, food and money in that order. Veronica’s unnecessary pain and suffering became unbearable.

Well not anymore, she finally figured out why it had happened and why it was repeating over and over again. Today, Veronica has dedicated her life to share with you her unique program The Projection Model®. It is a transformational program that opens the door to your new life.

Veronica is a transformation entrepreneur, author, writer, motivational speaker and presenter of  The Projection Model® (“TPM”).

She is known for completely transforming her own life from rock bottom to being the very best she can be. Creating and presenting very unique programs for transformation that have changed 1000’s of lives is key to her energetic, fun filled dynamism.

Veronica’s approach and methodology come from a place of direct experience rather than second-hand knowledge.

“I’m a changed human being. It’s been an incredible journey; completely transformational. This is why my mission in life is to share simple, proven tools that anyone, at any age, of any race or religion can use to change any unwanted behavioural patterns.”


In Veronica’s illustrious selling career, she was appointed to drive sales in various UK and international companies including franchise brands Rentokil Initial plc, ANC International and Jani-King to maximise revenue and sales performance.

Veronica rapidly increased sales and won stellar contracts
Significantly increased profit margins
Attracted new customers daily
Motivated employees and sales teams to accelerate their performance
Won top sales awards
Achieved induction into the President’s Club

In 2002 after years making companies millions of pounds worth of business, Veronica decided to be more in charge of her own destiny, wealth and wellbeing. Having an unshakable energy and zest for transformation she began using her entrepreneurial flair and created revolutionary programs.

Veronica successfully launched her programs into the marketplace for the health and wellbeing industry. She has co-written over 40 themed workshops, presented and trained trainers all over the world as well as created the inner hearing program for the Deaf Community, all with her daughter Mia.

Veronica was the first person to bring alternative methods of self-transformation into schools and the education curriculum in Scotland during 2003-2004. Her model was implicitly accepted as very effective.

Veronica is one of the most successful transformation entrepreneurs to date for working with 18-25 year olds  who are unemployed or young offenders, to start up their own business or create a career of their choice in the face of adversity.

Veronica works with an eclectic mix of individuals and organisations including entrepreneurs, 7 and 9 times world champions, legends, pub tycoons, CEOs, chairpersons, sports individuals and teams, actors, and models.

Sky, BP Oil, Aramco, Pfizer, HBOS, J.P. Morgan, Schuh, Blake Stevenson, Alexander Taylor, Nucleus – FinTech Scotland, ExecSpace, Scottish Business in the Community, Princes Trust, Barnardos, The Butterfly Project, EVOC and the voluntary sector are some of the companies and organisations Veronica has presented her bespoke workshops and worked on a 1-2-1 basis. Her programs radically transform individuals and teams.

She focuses on achieving sustainable results, sharing her insights and breaking through any limitations, whilst empowering everyone to be 100% accountable for their own successes.

The Mirror, The Masks Program, and The Projection Model® are amongst the most innovative programs in the world of wellbeing today.

Scottish Business in the Community recognised and awarded Veronica for her dedication to excellence and outstanding work in the community. As well as being accredited a distinction from The Coaching Academy.

Veronica won Best Personal Development Entrepreneur (UK) by AI Global Media in 2021.

Veronica specialises in transforming all unwanted behavioural patterns and addictions into exhilarating potential.