The Dark Horse program offers an alternative method to understand who you are. You may be in a people supporting profession. You may already work with horses. You may have an interest in working with equines or in the equine world. You may be looking to develop more connected and meaningful equine interactions.

Veronica feels working with horses has been an evolutionary process. Her deep sensitivity towards animals in particular horses have led her on the most remarkable journey. She had to train her mind to be ready for them, becoming fully aware of their surroundings is a matter of life and death. To match their extreme sensitivity and communicate effectively with them in a way that they naturally understand, she had to develop an awareness that also matched theirs.

Veronica trained her body, developing feel, timing and balance to learn to move as precisely and gracefully as horses. She also trained her breath. Horses are super aware of their handler’s breathing. Veronica found by using yogic breathing techniques when handling horses, it helps them to relax and trust more quickly. Yogic breathing also increases concentration, focus and clarity when communicating with the horses. This builds strong relationships and willing partners.

• What could happen if you and your horse spoke the same language?
• What if your horse chose freely to work in partnership with you?

The basis of The Dark Horse program is The Projection Model® (“TPM”). TPM offers everyone the opportunity to eradicate problems and obstacles. This liberates your mind to experience a different more natural perspective and become emotionally balanced. You can learn to use your mind to its fullest potential.
The foundation of TPM is ‘to know yourself’. If you do not know yourself then there is an impossibility of accessing your potential and fulfilling your life purpose.

Horses are majestic animals and can carry you to your destiny. It is a journey that demands trust. The true spirit of the horse is to run free and wild. A horse will teach you to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power.

• What if you experienced trust and respect whenever you are with your horse?

Horses can be a source of strength that will carry you to bigger and better things. They will give you the energy and courage to move forward towards your true purpose in life.

The way you are with horses is identical to how you treat yourself and your relationships.

• What if you had the expertise to solve any problems?

This program will also improve your problem-solving skills, groundwork skills and communication skills. You can work safely and as willing partners with these magnificent animals.

If you would like to know who you are and learn to embrace fearlessness, contact us for more information.